Terms and Conditions

U Dream Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

  1. Rental Equipment
    1.1 The Rental Agreement for the vehicle includes the following equipment and specifications:
    (a) 125 Kilometers per day are included (Over km .38 cents per km. Km packages are available for purchase prior to departure);
    (b) fully equipped kitchen including dishes, cooking essentials and cutlery;
    (c) full tank of gas and propane, both tanks must be returned full or charges will apply;
    (d) camping table and outdoor mat;
    (e) fire extinguisher and axe;
    (f) sewer hoses for disposal of waste. Grey and black water tanks must be drained at a certified Sani-dump location prior to return of the vehicle or charges will apply;
    (g) 24/7 road side assistance; and
    (h) an extension Cord for Shore Power.
  2. Rental Deposit
    2.1 A $950.00 security/damage deposit is required at the time of booking and payment may be accepted by one of the following methods:
    (a) major credit cards (not pre-paid credit cards); or
    (b) e- transfer.
    2.2 Deposit will be refunded once vehicle is returned without damage and in same working order as at time of rental and without missing items. Motorhome must be reasonably
    clean or a cleaning charge will be applied.
    2.3 If booking within 30 days of rental full payment along with damage deposit is required. Pre booked rentals require full payment 30 days prior to pick up.
    2.4 Awnings are very fragile and can be easily damaged. Awnings must be retracted during even slight wind, during the night and when away from the motorhome. The renter is responsible for any damages that may occur to the awning or motorhome body.
    2.5 Note: Awnings must be retracted at night and during wind or rainstorms. Please ensure the awning is retracted prior to moving the vehicle. Failure to comply may result in damage to the awning or vehicle body resulting in loss of the renter’s deposit.
  3. Pets and Animals
    3.1 Pets and animals are NOT allowed in units unless agreed to in writing by U Dream.
  4. Smoking and Cooking
    4.1 NO SMOKING or VAPING of any kind is allowed in the Motorhome/unit.
    4.2 COOKING of FISH or BACON is also prohibited.4.3 Keep Motorhome windows and doors closed when having a campfire to avoid campfire smell in the vehicle.
    4.4 If Smoke or Fish/Bacon smells are detected there is a $400.00 de-fuming fee.
  5. Pick up and Returns
    5.1 Pick up of motorhome on day of rental is between 2pm to 4pm.
    5.2 Please allow 45 minutes at time of pick up for vehicle orientation, walk through & inspection. Return times are 9am to 11am. NOTE: There is no reimbursement/credit for any unused kilometers if a km package is purchased prior to departure.
  6. Late Returns
    6.1 If the vehicle is returned late a penalty charge of $75.00 per hour or portion for the first 2 hours and $150.00 per hour after the first 2 hours to a maximum of $900.00 per 24 hours.
    6.2 Return date & time of the motorhome is listed on Page 1 of the Rental Agreement and agreed to by both renter & U Dream by signing prior to departure.
    6.3 If an extension of the Rental is desired. If available and agreed to by U Dream this request will only be granted and agreed to by U Dream in writing/email. Otherwise, it is agreed that the motorhome will be returned on time.
    6.4 There is no reimbursement or credit if the motorhome is returned early.
    6.5 Please allow time for traffic and unforeseen circumstances to return the vehicle as agreed on the rental agreement. Someone else’s vacation relies on you being on time. Please don’t be late!
  7. Renter Information and Responsibilities
    7.1 Gas & Propane tanks will be FULL at time of pick up and must be returned FULL at time of return. Charge for Gasoline or Propane top up if not full at time of return is $60.00 plus
    cost of gas/propane.
    7.2 Waste tanks must be emptied at a certified Sani-Dump station prior to return of vehicle. CHARGE for waste tanks to be emptied: $60.00 if not empty when returned.
    7.3 Motorhomes must be reasonably clean inside and free of dirt or debris. We do not expect you to wash the exterior of the unit. If excessively dirty inside a $100.00 cleaning fee will
    be charged.
    7.4 In accordance to section 4, no Cooking of Bacon or Fish or Smoking/Vaping of any kind inside the unit. If above smells are detected a de-fuming fee of $400.00 will be applied.
    7.5 Motorhomes MUST remain on paved roads at all times unless entering or exiting a paid campsite road way. Motorhomes are NOT permitted on logging or off roads.
    7.6 NO TOWING of any kind unless authorized in writing by U Dream.
    credit card for any parking or traffic violations if not paid upon return of the vehicle
    7.8 Minimum age requirement for rental is 25 years of age and must have a valid driver’s license from Country of origin. Proof of driver’s license and insurance required. Copies of license & insurance will be taken prior to rental. No rentals permitted to anyone with a “L” or “N” license.
    7.9 Only drivers listed on Rental Agreement are permitted to drive the unit.
    7.10 U Dream can repossess the vehicle at any time in our sole discretion for reasons that include, but are not limited to the following: the vehicle is found illegally parked, being used to violate the law or the terms of the Rental Agreement, or appears to be abandoned. You agree that we need not notify you in advance and that we may take any actions reasonably necessary to obtain possession of the vehicle, including remotely disabling the engine, remotely locking the doors, tracking the location of the vehicle through GPS tracking devices and utilizing for our benefit any other devices connected to the vehicle or affecting the vehicle’s operation. If the vehicle is repossessed, you agree to pay or reimburse us for the actual and reasonable costs incurred by us to repossess the vehicle. You agree that such costs will be charged to the credit or debit card or account you used to rent the vehicle.
  8. Insurance
    8.1 The renter will not do or permit anything to be done whereby any policy of insurance on the vehicle or any part thereof may become void or voidable.
  9. Cancellation Policy
    9.1 30 Days or more prior to rental will receive a full refund.
    9.2 29 to 15 days prior to rental cost of one day rental.
    9.3 14 days or less prior to rental cost of two days rental.
    13 to 8 days prior to rental cost of 2-day rental.
    7 days of less is cost of full rental.
    9.4 All cancellations must be communicated to U Dream via telephone & email.
    9.5 U Dream reserves the right to REFUSE rental.
  10. Vehicle Maintenance and Upkeep
    10.1 The renter/guest is responsible for maintaining fluid levels including motor oil & coolants levels in the brakes and steering compartments during their rental period.
    10.2 U Dream allows a maximum of $100.00 if required for purchases of motor oils/fluids during the rental period. These fluid levels may only be topped up by a certified mechanic or oil technician.
    10.3 Reimbursement for vehicle maintenance of up to $100.00 will be provided with proof of receipts.
    10.4 If the indicator lights show that oil or coolant levels are low. Immediately park the vehicle safely to allow radiator to cool and call U Dream for further direction.
    10.5 Failure to comply with operating procedures resulting in a overheating of components and subsequent mechanical failure requiring repairs will be the responsibility of the renter for failing to comply with proper care and attention. Any costs for repairs due to negligence by the renter/guests will be charged in full to the renter’s credit card.
    10.6 Without the prior written consent of U Dream, the renter will not make any alterations, additions or improvements to the vehicle.
  11. Vehicle Break Down or Accident
    11.1 If the vehicle has a mechanical breakdown cause not by the renter or its occupants. U Dream will provide 24/7 Roadside Assistance. This breakdown does not include appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner, generator, slide out, radio, cruise control or awning.
    11.2 The renter/guest agrees to inform U Dream immediately by telephone of any vehicle breakdown including a flat tire.
    11.3 U Dream will provide 24/7 Road side assistance in the event of a mechanical breakdown not including the items listed above including appliances.
    11.4 In the event there is an accident with another vehicle or animal or any other unforeseen circumstance that hinders the vehicle inoperable. U Dream will attempt to provide a replacement motorhome if available. This may not be possible and the renter/guests agree and are aware of this.
    11.5 Accidents involving another vehicle must immediately be reported to the Police in the city/town or jurisdiction of the accident. Once all parties are known to be safe a call must
    be placed to U Dream to report the incident.
    11.6 A written accident report is required along with photos which must be submitted to U Dream.
    11.7 The renter/guests agree to document the accident and the other parties name(s), Driver’s and License plate number. Include a description of the vehicles involved and document
    the exact location, date and time of accident. If there are witnesses obtain their contact information.
    11.8 If the vehicle is inoperable the renter/guests agree to place a call to U Dream for instruction on towing to a location decided by U Dream.
    11.9 The renter and their guests acknowledge that there is no reimbursements for the rental if there are days remaining if the vehicle is involved in an accident making it inoperable.
    11.10 If the renter/driver is found to be at fault U Dream will not be responsible for reimbursement of the remainder of the rental.
    11.11 Any damage/security deposit will be held by U Dream until it is found that the renter/driver is not at fault for the accident. If the renter/driver is found to be at fault the
    damage/security deposit will not be returned. The Insurance Deductible is $500.00 for any claim/accident to be paid by the renter while in their possession.
    11.12 If the vehicle is inoperable due to a mechanical breakdown not caused by the renter or their guests
    11.13 U Dream will reimburse the full remainder of the rental if a replacement is not possible.
  12. Penalties
    12.1 If the Gas & Propane tanks are not returned full. A $60.00 charge plus cost of Gas and or Propane.
    12.2 Grey & Black tanks must be emptied at time of vehicle return. If NOT EMPTY at time of vehicle return a charge of $50.00 will be placed on the renter’s credit card.
    12.3 If smell of Smoke, Bacon or Fish is detected inside the unit. A $400.00 de-fuming fee will be charged.
    12.4 If the motorhome is excessively dirty upon return. A $100.00 cleaning fee will be charged.
    12.5 If the Motorhome is returned late $75.00 per hour or portion of for the first 2 hours will be charged. After 2 hours $150.00 per hour will be charged to a maximum of $900.00 per
    24 hours.
    12.6 If the vehicle is returned damaged or in poor operating condition due to negligence by the renter or their guests. The $950.00 damage/security deposit received prior to departure will not be returned.
  13. Liability
    13.1 U Dream is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to any property in or on the vehicle, on our premises, or received or handled by us, regardless of who is at fault. The renter
    will be responsible to us for claims by others for loss or damage caused by the renter’s property.
    13.2 The renter assumes and will bear the entire risk of loss and damage to the vehicle for any and every cause whatsoever. No loss or damage to the vehicle or any part of the vehicle
    will impair any obligation of the renter under this Agreement, and each such obligation will continue in full force and effect.
    13.3 If two or more individuals, corporations, partnerships or other business associations (or any combination of two or more thereof) execute this Agreement as renters the liability
    of each such individual, corporation, partnership or other business association hereunder is joint and several.
    13.4 Liability for injury, disability and/or death of renters/guests and other persons caused by the possession, operation, maintenance, handling or transportation of the vehicle shall
    be that of the renter and U Dream shall not be liable or responsible for the same.
    13.5 U Dream makes no warranties, either express or implied, as to any matter whatsoever, including without limitation, the condition of the vehicle, its merchantability or fitness for
    any particular purpose.
  14. Indemnity
    14.1 The renter hereby indemnifies and save harmless U Dream from and against any and all liabilities, damages, costs, expenses, causes of action, actions, claims, suits and
    judgements, including without limitation legal fees on a solicitor/client basis, which U Dream may incur or suffer or be put to by reason of or in connection with or arising from:
    (a) any breach, violation or nonperformance by the renter of any obligation contained in this Agreement to be observed or performed by the renter;
    (b) any damage, injury or loss to any property belonging to the renter or any other person, or any personal injury that may be sustained by the renter or any other
    person, as may arise in connection with the condition, use, occupation, delivery, possession, operation, maintenance, handling, transportation or repair of the vehicle;
    (c) any wrongful act or neglect of the renter, its guests, in respect of or in connection with the use, possession, occupation, operation, handling, transportation, maintenance or repair of the vehicle. The indemnity as set out in this paragraph will survive any termination of this Agreement, without limitation and notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement.
  15. Compliance with Laws
    15.1 The renter will use and operate the vehicle in compliance with all laws, regulations and bylaws, including all Motor Vehicle laws, as well as all legislative and regulatory requirements of any competent authority, and will indemnify and save harmless U Dream from all costs, charges, damages, or penalties resulting from any breach thereof.
  16. Prohibited Uses
    16.1 Certain uses of the vehicle and other actions the renter or a guest may take, or fail to take, will violate the Rental Agreement. A VIOLATION OF THIS PARAGRAPH, WILL AUTOMATICALLY TERMINATE YOUR RENTAL, IS AN EXCLUSION TO, AND VOIDS ALL LIABILITY PROTECTION AND ANY OPTIONAL SERVICES THAT YOU HAVE ACCEPTED. IT
    EXPENSES, FEES AND COSTS THAT WE MAY INCUR. It is a violation of this Paragraph if any of the following occurs:
    (a) You use or permit the vehicle to be used:
    i. by anyone other than an authorized driver;
    ii. to carry passengers or property for hire or more passengers than the vehicle is permitted to carry;
    iii. to tow or push anything;
    iv. to be operated in a test, race or contest or on unpaved roads;
    v. while the driver is under the influence of alcohol, any controlled substance, including without limitation, any federally controlled substance listed under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act, or medications that affect vehicle operation and/or constitute driving while impaired under applicable law;
    vi. for conduct that could be charged as a crime, including the transportation of a Controlled Substance or contraband, stolen goods, illegal devices, or persons protected by prohibitions against human trafficking;
    vii. recklessly or while overloaded; or
    viii. if the car is driven into Mexico or America without our expressed permission.
    (b) You or an additional driver, whether authorized or not:
    i. fail to promptly report to U Dream any damage to or loss of the car when it occurs or when you learn of it and provide us with a written accident/incident report or fail to cooperate with our investigation;
    ii. where required by law, failed to report an accident to law enforcement;
    iii. obtained the vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation;
    iv. leave the vehicle and fail to remove the keys or close and lock all doors, close all windows and the vehicle is stolen or vandalized; or
    v. intentionally or with willful disregard cause or allow damage to the vehicle;
    (c) You or an additional driver, whether authorized or not, return the vehicle after hours and the vehicle is damaged, stolen or vandalized or you otherwise fail to take reasonable steps to secure the vehicle, its keys, or other remote entry and starting devices.
    (d) Driving or operating this vehicle while using a hand-held wireless communication device or other device that is capable of receiving or transmitting telephonic communications, electronic data, mail or text messages shall be deemed a breach of the Rental Agreement.