• Do your motorhomes come equipped with kitchen supplies?

    Yes they are fully stocked with pots, pans, dishes, coffee pot, kettle and all utensils.

    An outdoor table & large RV mat are also included.

  • Do you supply the bedding and towels?

    We have luxury hotel grade bedding with down duvets and towels available for a fee? $90.00 per couple per rental. Includes a flat & fitted sheet, 2 pillows/cases down duvet/cover, 2 bath towels, 2 hand & wash towels. Kids Bedding/Towel Packages: $25.00 If required please request a Luxury or Kids Package at time of Booking.

  • What is included in the Rental?

    A full tank of Gas & Propane are supplied at time of pick up. 125km per day are automatically included. Kilometer packages are available for purchase or over daily allowable km at .38 per km. One hour of generator use is included per day. Over daily allowable limit is $5.00 per hour. All kitchen ware is included.

  • Is smoking allowed inside the motorhomes?

    No smoking or vaping of any kind is allowed inside the units. Cooking of fish or bacon inside the motorhomes is also prohibited. If any smoke or fish/bacon smells are detected there is a $400.00 defuming fee.

  • Is there minimal rental days?

    Yes there is a 3 night minimal rental. Over long weekends in the summer there is a 4 night minimum.

  • What time is pick up & return?

    Pick Up: 2pm to 4pm

    Return: 9am to 11am


    Please don't be late! Someone else's vacation is relying on the unit being returned on time. Sorry there is no refund for early returns or unused kilometers.

  • Do you supply or rent child seats?

    Sorry no we do not supply or rent child seats.

  • Can I go off road or onto logging roads?

    No the units must remain on paved roads at all times. The only exception is when entering a paid campsite. The motorhomes are sensitive and if evidence of off roading is found the damage deposit will not be returned.

  • How do I book and pay for the rental?

    We will accept major credits, cash or etransfer. To book your RV a damage deposit of $950.00 must be placed on a major credit card or e-transfer to hold your reservation. Full payment of the rental is due a minimum of 30 days prior to day of rental. We do not accept pre-paid credit cards. A photo of the primary drivers Drivers Licence is required at time of booking. Primary driver must be 30 years or older with a valid drivers licence. If valid Drivers Licence is in language other than English an International drivers licence is strongly recommended.

    For International or Canadian renters who reside outside of BC there is a $10.00 per day insurance charge.

    Must present D/L at time of pick up.

    No rentals permitted to any person with a "L" or "N" licence.


  • What if I need to cancel my Booking?

    30 days or more: Full Refund

    29 to 15 days prior to rental: One day rental

    13 to 8 days prior to rental: Two day rental

    7 days or less prior to rental: Full Cost of Rental.

    All cancellations must be communicated to U Dream by phone call and an email.

    If deposit is made by major credit card and requires a cancellation at anytime there is a $40.00 non refundable administration fee. 

  • Can I leave my vehicle at your lot?

    Yes you can leave your vehicle in our lot. Please note: Vehicles and its contents are left at the guests risk. We are not responsible for any theft or damage to your vehicles.

  • What needs to be done before I return the RV?

    The Gas & Propane tanks will be full at time of pick up. The gas tank must be full at time of return. We will top up the propane tank at no cost to you if rental is 5 nights or less. If  rental is longer than 5 nights the propane must be returned full.  Disposing of the grey & black tanks is not mandatory unless comfortable with this task although may be required if full during rental period.  Dishes must be washed and put away. The unit needs to be reasonably clean. We do not expect you to wash the exterior. If the interior of the unit is found to be excessively dirty upon return a $100.00 cleaning fee will be charged. 

  • Are the units pet friendly?

    Sorry pets are not allowed unless agreed by U Dream.

  • Do you have any extras available to rent?

    Yes we have the following for rent:

    Lawn Chairs $5.00 for 2 chairs/day

    Barbeques $5.00 per day

    Camp Stove $5.00 per day

    Bike Rack $5.00 per day

    Bedding and Towels (Luxury Package) $90.00 per rental.

    Kids Bedding/Towel Package $25.00

  • Where can I take the RV?

    Our motorhomes can be driven anywhere in the Okanagan Valley and Shuswap area and within 400 km of Vernon, BC. For further travel this requires authorization in writing by U Dream RV Rentals.  A Rental Agreement is signed with permitted and agreed upon areas of travel. If the units are found to be out of the agreed area of travel this may require an immediate return of the motorhome. Travel to areas not listed in the Rental Agreement are prohibited. Motorhomes MUST remain in British Columbia and on paved roads at all times unless entering a paid campsite. NO TOWING OF ANY KIND ALLOWED WITH MOTORHOMES. 

    Travel to Mexico, Alaska or Death Valley USA is prohibited. Motorhomes MUST remain in British Columbia and on paved roads at all times unless entering a paid campsite.  NO TOWING OF ANY KIND ALLOWED WITH MOTORHOMES. 

  • What happens if I have collision or there is a breakdown?

    Any accidents need to be reported immediately to the Police. If accident occurs with another motor vehicle obtain info from the other driver such as drivers licence & licence plate. Take photos of the scene and both vehicles. Document time and date, how the collision occurred. Report incident to U Dream via phone call. In the event there is a breakdown resulting from no fault of the driver/passengers, U Dream will dispatch 24/7 roadside assistance at no cost to you.

  • Can I use the awning on my holiday?

    Awnings are very fragile and can be easily damaged. Awnings must be retracted at night, during even slight wind and when away from the motorhome. The renter is responsible for any damages that may occur to the awning or motorhome body. Awnings are meant to be used for shade from the sun only.  

  • Restricted Areas of Travel

    Motorhomes are to remain within the Okanagan and Shuswap areas and within 400 km of Vernon, BC.  Further areas of travel will be at U Dreams discretion. If motorhomes are used to travel outside of agreed destination signed by renter and per Rental Agreement the motorhomes may be considered stolen and any cost incurred including mechanical breakdown, towing or any other costs while outside of agreed travel areas will be charged to the renter.